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CardiQ showcases a quality improvement framework as well as best practice resources curated and shared by a community of expert clinicians. Start today to explore how CardiQ can help you transform care and outcomes for patients with heart rhythm disorders.

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About the CardiQ AF Quality Improvement Framework and Resource Library

What is the Quality Improvement Framework?

The AF Framework provides a step-by-step process and resources to guide quality improvement initiatives. The framework is customizable, measurable, adaptable, sustainable, and scalable. The framework and library will increase as users add content.

The CardiQ community comprises all who use this site. CardiQ will be increasingly enriched by the contributions of our growing community as we work collectively to transform patient care through quality improvement.

The Resource Library is a curated collection of resources, carefully chosen for suitability for supporting AF QI initiatives. Each resource is sourced from seminal guidelines and literature, as well as individuals and organizations committed to transforming the care of AF patients.


    “The overall layout of the framework assisted greatly in walking through the project as though it were an outline. Taking each pillar and elaborating on the designated categories helped identify areas that were completed, needed to be completed, or where there were gaps in the project that were originally not identified.  It was helpful to share the framework with those we needed to get on board with the project. They could then visualize the steps and where they played their part. The framework helped have a clear line of communication between the team, it gave a way for us to see where we were at, where we were going, and what the next steps were. We oftentimes could only communicate through email, so the framework gave the basis for what to discuss and kept everyone on the same page.”

    - Michelle L. Budzyn, PharmD


    "The multidisciplinary framework was the most important aspect – We need to break down the traditional silos in which we all work (which I think we were able to accomplish to some extent in this endeavor).”

    - James C. Coons, PharmD, FCCP, FACC, BCCP