May 5th, 2020

Rationale, considerations, and goals for atrial fibrillation centers of excellence: A Heart Rhythm Society perspective

(Heart Rhythm Journal)

AF Clinic/Center of Excellence

Device Care

Emergency Department




Anticoagulation and Stroke Prevention

General/Comprehensive Management

Modifiable Risk Factors

Patient Identification


Rate Control

Rhythm Management


Guidelines/Clinical Documents

Referral Pathways

Shared Decision-Making

Best Practices

Guidelines/Clinical Documents: This manuscript builds on the work of a diverse, multiple-stakeholder Think Tank meeting and multidisciplinary Inter-pro Forum educational activity held in January 2019, both led by the Heart Rhythm Society (HRS). When examining the current clinical landscape, the Think Tank concluded that there is a clear need for AF CoEs to improve AF care and its delivery. In this manuscript, HRS hopes to accelerate this evolution by reviewing the rationale for AF CoEs, the available evidence for integrated and multidisciplinary care, and future challenges and opportunities. The document also defines the key priorities to be used as a guide for HRS and its diverse stakeholders to build consensus on defining the core components of an AF CoE.