Atrial Fibrillation Center of Excellence: An Operational Playbook

AF Clinic/Center of Excellence

Establishing an Atrial Fibrillation Center of Excellence (AF CoE) is an ambitious and positive move towards enhancing patient outcomes and elevating the standard of care for those with AFib.

The Atrial Fibrillation Center of Excellence: An Operational Playbook, offers a comprehensive and practical guide to help healthcare professionals implement AF CoEs at their institutions. The Playbook includes step-by-step guidance for everything from defining an AF CoE's scope and structure to adopting the latest treatment protocols and patient care strategies.

Authored by Elliott Antman, MD, Professor at Harvard Medical School, the playbook expands on a Heart Rhythm Society publication, Rationale, Considerations, and Goals for Atrial Fibrillation Centers of Excellence: A Heart Rhythm Society Perspective, which underscores the essential role of an AF CoE in transforming AFib operations and emphasizing a multidisciplinary team approach where the patient is at the center of care.

"There is widespread consensus on the 'why' behind AFib Centers of Excellence. The challenge now lies in defining the 'how,'" Antman remarked. "I hope this operational playbook will serve as a valuable roadmap and 'how-to' manual for establishing AFib Centers of Excellence."

If you're committed to improving care and outcomes for AFib patients, this playbook is a key resource to support your efforts.

The Atrial Fibrillation Center of Excellence: An Operational Playbook, was supported by funding from the BMS-Pfizer Alliance.

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